Non-Toxic Natural Rubber Dog Toys, Tough Durable Longevity Puppy Teething Cleaning


The RooRuns Dog Chew Toys are perfect for those dogs that are more aggressive and need something extra-tough and durable. Made of a non-toxic, natural rubber material, these toys are safe for use on your dog. The toys are easy to clean and are designed to last.

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  • A chew toy designed to be chewed by animals for purposes of stimulation and relief from boredom.
  • Also as a soothing tool for inflamed gums during teething
  • Made 100% of natural rubber, nontoxic, BPA free, durable enough for small, medium and large dog chewing
  • The Teeth Cleaning Dog chew Toys offer mental and physical stimulation and enrichment
  • Directing your dogs energy into play with toys can prevent or help resolve such problems as digging and barking