Reptile Hygrometer Humidity and Temperature Sensor Gauges


Brand: Penn-Plax

The Penn-Plax Reptology Reptile Hygrometer is an accurate monitor of both the relative humidity and temperature in your reptile environment. With easy-to-read analog dials, it is easy to use and will provide you with regular updates on both conditions.

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  • The PennPlax Reptology Reptile Hygrometer and Thermometer can accurately monitor and display the relative humidity and temperature in your pet’s tropical environment.
  • Each sensor has an easytoread analog dial that will accurately measure the conditions of your reptile tank.
  • The hygrometer measures relative humidity from 0% to 100%, while the temperature gauge provides readings for both Fahrenheit and Celsius in ranges from 0
  • A must for any reptile environment, these gauges are easily mounted using the selfadhesive backings.