Reptile Light Bulb, R8525 LED UV Lamp Replacement


The REPTILAMP UVA UVB Reptile Light is an LED-powered light bulb that is designed to replace a standard fluorescent lamp. With a 4 watt rating, this light bulb is perfect for use with 26 watt UVB10.0 CFLs. This light bulb features eight pcs UVAs and one pcs UVB LEDs that have a long lifespan relative to a fluorescent lamp. This light bulb also has a PAR16 shape and can be used for indoor or outdoor applications.

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  • The Reptilamp UVA UVB Reptile Light is equipped with 1 pcs UVB LED and 8 pcs UVA LEDs, which have an long lifespan relative to UVB 10.
  • The UVA UVB Reptile Light could be more than 500 uW/c and UVA irradiance could be more than 1200 uW/c at the distance of 4 inch.
  • This light bulb emits a little visible light that protects reptiles eyes from intense visible light.
  • It also has a built in optical lens to penetrate UVA light.
  • The light bulb has a timer function and can be dimmed.