REPTI ZOO Spray Nozzle Adjustable Fine Misting Water for Reptiles



The REPTI ZOO 4 Pieces Spray Nozzles are perfect for creating a rainforest environment for your reptiles. These nozzles come in a set of four and can be used with any high-pressure adjustable rainfall system. With their multiple spray settings, you can regulate the flow rate to achieve the desired effect. The nozzles also have an included adapter that allows them to be used with different models of the REPTIZOO high pressure adjustable rainfall system.

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  • To build an Rainforest systems for reptiles
  • Comes with 4 pieces per pack
  • Fits REPTIZOO high pressure adjustable rainfall system model TR05
  • Regulates flow rate of water to achieve The purpose of drinking and increasing humidity for pets
  • Multiaxial spray adjustment

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