Wet Dog Food, Grilled Top Sirloin in Savory Juices


The Purina Bella Small Breed Wet Dog Food is a protein-rich recipe that is perfect for supporting your small dog’s muscles. The food is made with an antioxidant blend that is designed to help protect your pet from harmful free radicals. The food is also easy on the stomach, so it is perfect for use as a treat or meal replacement. The food is available in twelve 3.5 ounce trays.

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  • The product is 12 trays of Purina Bella Small Breed Wet Dog Food, Grilled Top Sirloin Flavor in Savory Juices.
  • It is designed for small dogs, measuring 3.5 ounces per tray.
  • The food has an antioxidant blend tailored for small dogs
  • The protein content helps to support strong muscles
  • The food is meant to be both nourishing and pampering