POPETPOP Portable Turtle Tank, Small Plastic Reptile Habitat Container



This portable turtle tank is perfect for any outdoor activity! With its simple design and high-grade construction, it’s perfect for any home or office. Made from non-toxic and wear-resistant materials, this turtle tank is built to last and will bring years of enjoyment. The handle cover design makes carrying the tank a breeze, and the multi-function capabilities include rest, swimming, sunning, eating, laying eggs, and hibernation. Don’t miss out on this great deal order your POPETPOP Portable Turtle Tank today!

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  • The POPETPOP portable turtle tank is made of highgrade, nontoxic, and wearresistant PP material.
  • It comes with a handle cover design that makes it easy to carry around.
  • The tank is perfect for use outdoors, as it provides a convenient way to keep turtles or other reptiles in your backyard.
  • You can also use the tank for various activities such as sunning, eating, or laying eggs.