POPETPOP Fish Breeding Box



The POPETPOP Fish Breeding Box is perfect for isolating and protecting your fish. Made of clear acrylic, it is safe and secure for use in freshwater aquariums. With two rooms for isolating and protecting your fish, this box is perfect for keeping your fish healthy and happy.

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  • The product is an acrylic fish breeding box that comes equipped with a suction cup and hanging hook.
  • It is made of transparent acrylic, making it safe and secure for use in a fish tank environment.
  • The box can be used for isolating and protecting smaller fish, shrimp, and guppy from larger fish.
  • It has multiple uses including as an incubator for new fish life.
  • The dimensions of the box are 11.5″x 5.9″x 6.1″.

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