PINVNBY Large Plastic Turtle Tank,Reptile habitat turtles Topper Basking Platform Filter Layer Design and Prevent The Tortoise from Climbing Escap



The PINVNBY Large Plastic Turtle Tank is a great way to keep your reptiles safe and comfortable. This tank features a round shape, modern style, and red color. It has a top layer made of plastic and a bottom layer that is also made of plastic. The two layers are separated by a filter layer that prevents the turtles from escaping.

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  • The product is made of high grade plastic
  • It is a turtle tank that can hold 17.8×10.2×6.1 inches
  • The design includes a prevent escape layer and a filter layer
  • There are also features such as a non slip crawling area, feeding area, basking platform and diving swimming area
  • This product makes for a great gift for someone special