Multi-Purpose Crate Mat for Home and Car Travel by PETMAKER



The PETMAKER Waterproof Dog Bed is perfect for keeping your dog safe and comfortable during travel. Made of durable nylon and polyurethane foam, this bed is easy to clean and features a raised edge to prevent messes from rolling off the bed. With a dimension of 38.75 inches long by 25 inches wide by 1.38 inches tall, this bed is perfect for medium sized dogs.

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  • The Waterproof Dog Bed by PETMAKER is a 38.75″ by 25″ dog cot that repels water spilled in the crate, drool, and accidents.
  • The liquid pools and sits on top of the reversible waterresistant dog crate bed so you can easily rinse or wipe it clean.
  • This product is designed to provide maximum comfort for your four legged friend.
  • It is important to purchase only genuine PETMAKER products as they may have additional benefits over non genuine products.