PENN-PLAX Water World Prism Nano Aquarium Kit


Brand: Penn-Plax

This convenient aquarium kit is perfect for small spaces! Check it out today! Penn Plax’s Prism Nano Aquarium Kit includes everything you need to get your aquarium up and running in no time! With its small size and easy setup, this aquarium kit is ideal for any home or office. So why wait? Get your Prism Nano Aquarium Kit today!

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  • The Prism Nano Aquarium Kit is perfect for small or unused spaces, such as a desk, dresser, or even on top of the old file cabinet that hasnt been touched in years.
  • Each kit comes with a 2 gallon tank that is constructed from durable, fishsafe plastic.
  • Each Prism Nano Aquarium Kit features an integrated filter system that is stored within a black plastic enclosure.
  • The included water pump has a default flow rate of 40 gallons per hour (GPH).
  • For Bettas and other fish that require less, there is an adjustable switch at the bottom that has + and symbols for flow rate.