Aqueon T8 Replacement Lamps Colormax


Brand: Aqueon

The Aqueon T8 Replacement Lamps are perfect for any aquarium owner who wants to add some style and sophistication to their setup. These lamps provide a contemporary look that will help accentuate the natural beauty of your fish, plants, and animals. With a white color, they also offer a great way to add some color to your aquarium. The Aqueon T8 Replacement Lamps are easy to install and require no assembly. They are also energy efficient, so you’ll be spending less on your electricity bill every month.

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  • The lamps are designed to be used with most fluorescent light fixtures.
  • They come in a pack of 2
  • The lamps emit a white light that is said to “enhance the appearance of fish and plants in your aquatic environment.”
  • they are easy to install and long lasting
  • you do not need any assembly

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