Meric Reptile Calcium Powder


Brand: Meric

The Meric Reptile Calcium Powder is a high-quality calcium supplement that is perfect for keeping your reptiles healthy and strong. This powder contains calcium, which is vital for bone growth and development, and also has an anti-phosphorus effect, meaning it helps to balance out the levels of phosphorus in your animals’ systems. The powder is easy to use, and comes in a convenient 2-ounce package.

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  • vital for your lizard
  • Calcium is necessary for bone growth, development, and lifelong strength.
  • without enough calcium, your leopard gecko may seem lethargic or twitch.
  • all those insects, fruits, and veggies contain lots of goodness but they also contain lots of phosphorus.
  • your pet needs calcium to balance this element in a 2:1 ratio.