Fluval Easy Vac Gravel Cleaner


Brand: Fluval

This cleaner is ideal for large breeds (over 45 pounds). It features a non-kinking hose, exclusive gravel guard, and an oval-shaped handle for easy access to all angles. The cleaner also comes with a 6-foot non-kinking tube and clip for ultimate convenience. Plus, the cleaner is easy to start up and doesn’t require constant attention like other vacuum cleaners. So why wait? Get your Fluval Easy Vac today!

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  • The Fluval Easy Vac Gravel Cleaner is a hassle free start up that allows you to clean your gravel efficiently.
  • It comes equipped with a nontkinking hose, a comfortable grip, and the tube is an oval shape for those hard to reach corners.
  • With its 24 inch cleaning tube, 2 5 inch diameter, and 6 foot non kinking tube the Fluval Easy Vac Gravel Cleaner keeps gravel in the tank not the bucket

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