Marina 10-inch Black Coarse Nylon Fish Net, 14-Inch Handle


Brand: Marina

The Marina 10-Inch Black Coarse Nylon Fish Net is a versatile and easy-to-use fish net that is perfect for any angler. Made of tightly-woven nylon mesh, this fish net is durable and provides excellent movement with very little water resistance. The vinyl-coated handle ensures safe and comfortable grip, while the black color adds a touch of style to your fishing outfit. With a 10-inch diameter and 7-inch depth, this fish net is sure to catch any fish that are in the area.

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  • The product is a fish net made with nylon mesh that is designed to be easily used and moved around.
  • It comes with a vinyl coated handle that makes it safe and comfortable to use.
  • The net measures 10 inches by 7 inches and 10 inches deep.
  • It can be used in fresh water or saltwater settings.

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