Lesure Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy


Brand: LE SURE

The Lesure Electric Floppy Fish Cat Toy is a realistic and interactive toy that is perfect for keeping your cat entertained. The toy features a 3D printing process that creates a vivid image of a fish, and once your cat touches the toy, it will automatically start moving and swinging. The toy also features catnip, which helps to focus your cat’s energy and keep them engaged with the toy rather than playing with or damaging household items. The toy is easy to use, just charge the battery pack with the USB, insert it into the belly of the fish, turn it on, and tap the belly to start the fun. The toy charges fully in about an hour and a half and keeps your cat playing for about 230 times on a single charge.

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  • The product is made of highquality plush fabric
  • It has a fragrant catnip scent
  • It is easy to use
  • The product makes for a great pet toy