Leoterra Snake Sexing Probe Professional Reptiles


The Leoterra 8pcs Ball Tip Snake Sexing Probe Professional Reptiles Snake Sexing Kit Probes Set is a great way to get started with snake breeding. This set includes eight different sized probes, each with a unique tip that allows you to find the perfect spot on your snake. The probes are made from stainless steel and are non-slip handles which make them easy to use. The set also includes a brand new feeder which makes it easy to keep your snakes healthy.

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  • The product is a set of 8 ball tip snake sexing probes that are designed to be used with various sizes of snakes.
  • It is made from stainless steel material and has a nonslip handle design.
  • The probes have a smooth round head design and no hurt
  • they come in different diameters to meet different sizes of snakes
  • some of the species the probes can help breed include: Python, Corn Snake, King Cobra, Eastern Tiger, Green Tree Frog, Leopard Gecko, etc.

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