LANDEN Hang-On Style Thermometer for Aquarium Tank



The LANDEN Hang-On Style Thermometer is an elegant and minimalist way to keep track of your aquarium’s temperature. Made of crystal-clear glass, this thermometer is easy to read and is perfect for keeping tabs on your fish’s temperature. With a white background scale, this thermometer is easy to clean and is durable. The LANDEN Hang-On Style Thermometer is perfect for any aquarium owner who wants to keep their fish healthy and safe.

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  • The LANDEN HangOn Style Thermometer is a stylish and minimalistic way to keep your aquarium water at the perfect temperature.
  • Made of high quality, high transparent glass that is easy to clean.
  • Can be placed directly on the wall of your aquarium tank without causing damage.
  • Has a clear line that is easy to read and can be observed in water at a glance compared to the conventional instrument.