Kaytee Flat Bac Water Bottle, Guinea Pig/Chinchilla – 16 oz.


Brand: Kaytee

The Kaytee Flat Bac Water Bottle is perfect for keeping your guinea pig or other small animal hydrated. This water bottle features a stainless steel spring-loaded sipper that is easy to fill and clean, and a snap-lock bottle bracket that makes it easy to remove and refill the bottle. The large 16 oz. size is ideal for storing water for long trips or when you’re away from home.

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  • The bottle is made of durable clear plastic with a floating duck.
  • It has a stainless steel spring loaded dripless sipper.
  • The snap lock bottle bracket allows for easy bottle removal and refilling.
  • The large 16 oz size is ideal for guinea pigs, dwarf rabbits, pet rats, and chinchillas.

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