IREENUO Aquarium Gravel Vacuum with Air-Pressing Button


This IRENEUO fish tank cleaner is perfect for your needs! It’s easy to use just press the air pressing button on the handle a few times to initiate a siphon, and then empty the contents of the fish tank into the provided bucket. The newly air-pressed button has increased suction power, making it more effective at removing even tough to reach places. And the best part? The 3D filter basket prevents blockage, so you’ll never have to worry about your fish tank again!

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  • The Ireenuo Fish Tank Cleaner uses an air pressing button to create a siphon, and then the water will automatically start to flow into the bucket.
  • The aquarium siphon kit can be used for gravel cleaning, water change, sand washing.
  • The Ireenuo Fish Tank Cleaner is light and convenient.
  • It comes with a 3D filter basket to prevent blocking by gravel.