iHeartDogs Sniff Diggy Stickle Mat


Brand: iHeartDogs

The IHeartDogs Sniff Diggy snuffle mat is a great way to encourage your dog to focus their attention on something other than food. This mat features a polar fleece surface that is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky for your washer. The mat also has a plastic grid back that is easy to remove and store. With its durable construction, this mat is perfect for any dog owner who wants to avoid boredom.

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  • The iHeartDogs Sniff Diggy Snuffle Mat is a fun and interactive game that promotes mental stimulation for dogs.
  • Made from machine washable material, it is easy to clean.
  • One of the ways we show our support is by donating a portion of your Sniff Diggy Snuffle Mat purchase to help feed shelter dogs across the US.