Large Kitty Litter Box Mat with Waterproof and Non-Slip Backing


The Heeyoo Cat Litter Mat is a large, kitty litter box mat that is perfect for trapping all of your cat’s litter. This mat features a deep groove design that helps to catch the excess litter without spreading it around the house. It also has a waterproof and non-slip backing that keeps the mat in place regardless of how your cat exits the litter box. Finally, this mat is easy to clean with a variety of methods including sweeping, vacuuming, pouring clean litter back into the box, or wiping with a damp sponge or cloth.

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  • The Heeyoo Cat Litter Mat traps all litter, preventing it from damaging your floors.
  • It is soft on your cats paws, making it comfortable to walk on.
  • The mat is large, measuring 35×23 inches, making it able to fit completely underneath and around the litter box.
  • It comes with a nonslip backing to ensure that it stays in place.