Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Bag Non-Chewer Bunnies



The Hanging Guinea Pig Hay Feeder Bag is perfect for keeping your guinea pig or rabbit healthy and happy. Made from waterproof, high-quality 600D high-stretch PVC Oxford cloth fabric, it helps to keep the hay dry and clean, thus keeping your pet healthy and happy. The bag is easy to use with metal hooks and secure touch fasteners at the top, and is perfect for giving your pets some extra space to run around the cage. It’s also easy to clean with regular soap and water.

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  • The product is made of watertight, high quality 600D PVC cloth fabric.
  • It comes with durable metal hooks and secure touch fasteners.
  • The product is perfect for most cages, but note that it is not chewable.
  • It can be hand washed and hung to dry before use.