Exo Terra Tiki Waterfall Large, L


Brand: Exo Terra

The Exo Terra Exo Terra Tiki Waterfall Large is a great addition to any terrarium. This waterfall features a brilliant design that will stimulate natural drinking behaviour and provide a relaxing atmosphere. The easy-to-clean design makes it simple to keep this water feature clean and looking great. With a large size and weight of 3.11 kilograms, this waterfall is perfect for any terrarium.

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  • The Exo Terra Tiki Waterfalls are unique ornaments in Hawaiian/Polynesian Tiki Style.
  • The tribal character makes any terrarium into a Tiki terrarium.
  • These waterfalls are used by reptiles and amphibians to hydrate.
  • Cleaning is easy, as the waterfall can be dismantled into two pieces.

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