Fluval Nitrite Test Kit for Aquarium Water


Brand: Fluval

The Fluval Nitrite Test Kit for Aquarium Water, Freshwater & Saltwater Fish Tank is an easy way to test your water quality. The kit includes everything you need to get started, including a user manual, 75 tests, and a storage case. The tests are designed to help you monitor the nitrite level in your water, and the results are extremely important to your fish.

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  • The Fluval Nitrite Test Kit includes 75 tests.
  • Nitrite develops when beneficial nitrifying bacteria break down ammonia
  • This is extremely toxic to fish when high levels of nitrite persist in the aquarium for more than a week
  • Newly established and densely populated aquariums are prone to higher longer lasting levels of nitrite
  • Test weekly to ensure nitrite is detected