Gulfstream Tropical AGU00401 Mag-Float Replacement Scraper Aquarium Cleaning


This is the perfect tool for any aquarium owner looking to make their tank look its best! The Gulfstream Tropical AGU00401 Mag-Float Replacement Scraper will help you get rid of all that messy, sticky, and downright gross stuff so your fish can enjoy a clean, beautiful home. Made with a polished finish and smooth operating handle, this scraper is easy to use and provides excellent value for your money. Don’t miss out on this must-have tool for your aquarium!

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  • The Gulfstream Tropical AGU00401 MagFloat Replacement Scraper Aquarium Cleaner is a product that is designed to be used on glass aquariums only.
  • This product comes with two stainless steel replacement scrapers, which are meant for use on glass aquariums only.
  • It is from the country of Finland and it is made by Gulfstream.