Ginger Ridge Stable Snax Horse Treats


Brand: Vitakraft

The Ginger Ridge Stable Snax Horse Treats are made with high-quality ingredients that are free from GMOS and other harmful chemicals. These treats are oven baked to ensure freshness and are then packaged in nitrogen flushed poly bags to keep them fresh. The Ginger Ridge Stable Snax Horse Treats are perfect for all life stages of your horse including adults, foals, and pregnant mares.

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  • Ginger Ridge Stable Snax treats are small batch quality items that are great for horses and ponies.
  • The treats are made with a wholesome blend of grains and flax seeds which help to promote healthy skin, hair, and coat.
  • Each bite sized treat is made without artificial colors or preservatives and is hard baked to a crispy texture.
  • The treats are packaged in a nitrogen flushed, resealable bag to ensure freshness.