Aqueon Versa-Top for 30 & 40 Breeder Aquariums


Brand: Aqueon

The Aqueon Versa-Top is a clear, durable, and easy-to-install glass top that reduces evaporation and keeps your fish from escaping. The full length of the feeding door and glass top hinge are both 5 inches, making it possible to install a glass top without cutting any strips. The only piece included is a single 35 inch x 15 inch x .33 inch cube, making it perfect for use with Aqueon aquariums.

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  • Aqueon VersaTop for 30 & 40 Breeders Aquariums, Clear is designed to reduce evaporation and keep fish from jumping out of the water.
  • The glass top has a clear vinyl back strip that can be easily cut to custom fit your accessories.
  • Special store use VersaTops feature heavy 3/16 glass with notched Corners for air lines and larger glass sections that allow easier cleaning
  • Aqueon VersaTop for 30 & 40 Breeders Aquariums, Clear comes with only one piece

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