White Rabbit Litter Box Toilet for Galesaur Guinea Pig Bunny



The perfect toilet for small pets, the Kameiou White Rabbit Litter Box features a durable and sturdy construction that is designed to last. The box is made of plastic and stainless steel panels that are both durable and lightweight, making it easy to install and keep in place. The box comes with a knob that allows you to easily open and close it, as well as attached cage hooks and holes that make it easy to install into your cage. The box also has a money-back guarantee, so you can be sure it’s the best choice for your pet.

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  • The White Rabbit Litter Box is perfect for small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, and galesaurs.
  • It comes with an easytoinstall fixed knob and durable stainless steel panel.
  • The box has a corner design that makes it easier to clean.
  • You can buy it in two colors: ivory white and rose pink.

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