Fluval Tronic Heater, 100-Watt Submersible Aquarium


Brand: Fluval

This heater is the perfect choice for your home or office! It’s fully submersible and easy to install, so you can keep an eye on the water all day without having to worry about any messy electrical connections. Plus, the patented thermal sensor ensures that the water is always at the perfect temperature, so you’ll never have to worry about your fish tank not being warm enough or too hot. And with fast heat technology, you’ll be able to quickly achieve the perfect temperature in no time! So why wait? Get your Fluval Tronic Heater today!

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  • The Fluval Tronic Aquarium Heater is a fully submersible, easy to use electronic aquarium heater.
  • It has a thermal sensor that continuously samples water temperatures and fast heat technology to quickly achieve optimum temperature.
  • The heater is 100 watts and 13 inches long
  • It made of glass