Filhome SPS HPS Feeder with Extension Tube


Brand: Filhome

The Filhome Coral Feeder SPS HPS Feeder with Extension Tube is a high-quality PVC and rubber material feeder that is perfect for use in marine environments. With its long-lasting and durable plastic construction, it is easy to clean and will not break as glass. The feeder features an accurate measurement system that makes it easy to ensure that you are providing the proper amount of food to your fish.

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  • Coral feeder with extension tube is used for gently target feeding coral and other aquatic animals.
  • Also be applied to liquid nutrition added to fresh water plant tank.
  • Turn off your circulation pumps when feeding your coral or other fish.
  • When applied it in hot water, the temperature of the liquid should not exceed 176H.
  • Please note that we glued the connecting part to the plastic bag to prevent the gadget from missing.

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