Feeoh Washable Belly Wrap Diapers for Male Dog


The Feeoh Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers are perfect for keeping your dog comfortable and dry. These diapers feature a super-absorbent and durable material that is easy on the pet’s skin. The padded inner liner provides added protection against leakage, while the elastic edges provide a secure fit. The quickly absorbent pad is sewn into the diaper, and the leak-free outer layer keeps the rug, carpet, couch, or sofa clean. These diapers are reusable and washable, making them a great choice for those who want to keep their pets comfortable and looking fresh.

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  • Feeoh Washable Dog Belly Wrap Diapers for Male Dog (5 Pack) are designed for male dogs and can help with problems such as leakage and incontinence.
  • The diapers are super absorbent and durable, making them perfect for use on carpet, wood floors, and other sealed surfaces.
  • The inner pad is close to the skin to promote comfortable absorption and prevent irritation.
  • The elastic edges provide extra safety and comfort fit around the waist.