EOM Selected Adjustable Dog Bow Tie Puppy Pet Costume


The EOM Selected Adjustable Dog Bow Tie Puppy Pet Costume is perfect for any occasion. With a reflective design and adjustable features, this costume is perfect for any wedding, holiday, or party. Made of high-quality materials, this costume is durable and stylish. It’s also a great gift for your pet, as it makes them look more professional and sophisticated.

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  • The product is an adjustable dog bow tie puppy pet costume collar.
  • It is made of cotton blend or mainly polyester + cotton material.
  • The adjustable Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off.
  • It also features an adjustable neck girth so it can fit both babies and adults.
  • This product makes for a great gift for pets as it is both stylish and functional.