Exo Terra Neodymium A21 Lamp, 150-Watt


Brand: Exo Terra

The Exo Terra Sun-Glo Neodymium A21 Lamp is a great choice for your home. With a wattage of 150 watts, this lamp provides plenty of light for any room. The lamp features a dimmable option and can be used in combination with other lamps. The lamp also has a brand-new design that includes a 21 inch long base.

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  • The Exo Terra SunGlo A21 Neodymium A21 Lamp provides broad spectrum daylight for terrariums.
  • Reptiles require appropriate and high quality lighting in order to meet various metabolic needs.
  • In order to accommodate all these needs, multiple light sources need to be combined.
  • The glass sleeve of the bulb has mixedin Neodymium, a rare earth metal that changes the color balance of the illumination, giving terrarium animals and plants a more natural appearance.

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