Sun-Glo Basking Infrared Spot Lamp


Brand: Exo Terra

This Exo Terra sun-glo Basking Infrared Spot Lamp brings you a warm, cozy, bright light that will help you enjoy your time outdoors. The sun-glo coating reflects up to 90% of harmful UV rays while still allowing enough sunlight to penetrate to the ground to support plant growth. It also helps prevent heat loss and keeps the lamp warm and working at peak performance all day long. So don’t let the sun go down on your outdoor activities! Get the Exo Terra sun-glo Basking Infrared Spot Lamp today!

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  • The lamp comes in a pack of four
  • The light is 100 watts and 120 volts
  • The light creates a tight beam
  • The heat is increased by 35%
  • The UVA light contributes to reptiles’ physiological well being

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