Anti-Coprophagia Formula for Dogs and cats


The For-Bid Stool Eating & Coprophagia Deterrent is an easy-to-use product that can help reduce your pets’ stool eating and coprophagia behaviors. This stool eating deterrent is made with a vet-recommended formula that will not alter the taste or scent of your pets food. The For-Bid Stool Eating & Coprophagia Deterrent is typically effective in under 1 week and may require 2-3 weeks of additional treatment depending on the underlying cause of your pets’ stool eating behaviors.

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  • Forbid is a veterinarianrecommended, safeandeffective way to deter dogs from eating poop.
  • It does not alter normal digestion and can reduce bad breath.
  • The original Forbid was developed in 1960 and remains the industry standard for anticooprophagia treatment.
  • Forbid is made in The USA with the highest standards