Automatic Cat Feeder, 4L Pet Dry Food Dispenser


The DoHonest Automatic Cat Feeder is a reliable and easy-to-use device that helps keep your cat fed. With a simple plug-in design and a red LED indicator, this feeder is easy to set up and use. It features a 10-second recording function and a humanized functional design that makes it easy to clean and service. The DoHonest Automatic Cat Feeder is perfect for keeping your cat fed and happy.

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  • The cat dish is wide and deep, so the kibble will not easily fall out when the cat eats, and will not be like other feeders that make the ground full of kibble.
  • The lid is secure.
  • If you put batteries it will last a looong time so you don’t always have to keep it plugged in.
  • easy to clean, just take the bowl off and wipe it with a cloth.