Capetsma Sea Hydrometer Aquarium Marine Salinity Meter for Fish Tank Pond Water Saltwater


Brand: capetsma

The Capetsma Salinity Tester is an accurate and easy-to-use hydrometer that is perfect for testing your marine aquarium’s salt level and specific gravity. Made of durable acrylic, this hydrometer is designed with an automatic level function that ensures that the test results are always accurate and consistent. The easy-to-read swing-arm pointer and extra wide stable base provide an accurate test result, while the included salinity and specific gravity scales ensure that the test results are always consistent and reliable.

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  • The capetsma Salinity Tester is a safe and unique design that uses acrylic material.
  • It has an automatic level function and can quickly, easily, and accurately measure salt levels and specific gravities in fish tanks.
  • The tester comes with both salinity and specific gravity scales.
  • It is suitable for both fresh water and sea water environments.
  • The tester is easy to read and clean after use.

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