Brightwell Aquatics Chaeto GRO Multi-Nutrient Supplement


The Brightwell Aquatics Chaeto GRO is a complete multi-nutrient supplement that provides 13 elements critical to long-term health, growth, and coloration of aquatic plants. The formula is designed to be used in marine aquariums and is phosphate and nitrate free. It provides nutrients to help promote plant growth and health.

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  • ChaetoGRO is a complete multinutrient supplement for algae growth
  • It contains iron, cobalt, and molybdenum for chaetomorpha algae growth
  • The product is phosphate free and nitrate free
  • It provides 13 elements critical to long term health, growth & coloration of aquatic plants
  • The product is well suited for ULNS aquariums & designed for nutrient control of phosphates & nitrates by chaetomorpha uptake

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