Aqueon LED OptiBright Light Fixture 30-36 Inches


Brand: Aqueon

The Aqueon LED OptiBright Light Fixture is a great way to add some extra oomph to your aquarium setup. With its bright LED lights, you’ll be able to see fish and other animals in your aquarium from all angles without having to turn on any harsh lighting. The fixture also features waterproof controls that make it easy to use even when the water’s up. And the adjustable legs make it easy to fit into any aquarium size.

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  • The Aqueon LED OptiBright Light Fixture is a slim, lowprofile fixture that features permanent LED lights.
  • Two individual waterproof touch controls allow you to have the bright white/red LEDs on during the day and the subtle blue moon glow accent LEDs at night.
  • The fixture also includes adjustable legs that can be extended to accommodate multiple aquarium lengths.
  • This product is perfect for a variety of aquariums including freshwater and saltwater fish as well as lowmedium light level plants.