Aquatic Arts 5 Japanese Trapdoor Snails


The Aquatic Arts 5 Japanese Trapdoor Snails are perfect for keeping your freshwater aquarium clear and healthy. These snails have a 100% live arrival guarantee, plus free email support. They are easy to care for and do not cause any damage to your plants.

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  • Japanese Trapdoor Snails are hardy, naturally attractive snails that help manage aquarium or pond growth and make an easy and useful addition to your planted aquarium, indoor aquarium, outdoor aquarium, fish tank, or pond.
  • These prime aquarium snails are named for their operculum, which is a tough plate that protects the snail by forming a seal at the edge of the shell when its body is retracted inside.
  • Each snail’s shell is spiral shaped and has slightly different coloration and patterns; no two snail shells look exactly alike.
  • They look particularly great with nature aquarium decorations.