Aquarium Feeding Set Fish Floating Food Futter with Suction Cup


Brand: Patelai

The 4 Pieces Aquarium Feeding Set Fish Feeding Ring Square and Round Fish Floating Food Feeder with Suction Cup Fish Safe Spawning Bed Hammock and Betta Fish Leaf Pad with Suction Cup for Betta Fish is a complete set that includes everything you need to get started with fishkeeping. This set includes one square fish food feeder, one round fish food feeder, two pieces of betta breeding beds, and a fish leaf pad. The fish food feeders are made of silicone and plastic, which are non-toxic and safe for your fish. The betta fish leaf pad is designed to look realistic and provide a comfortable environment for your fish.

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  • The product is a complete set that includes 1 piece of square fish food feeder, 1 piece of round aquarium feeder, 2 pieces of betta breeding beds, and 2 pieces of lids.
  • It is made of silicone and plastic materials that are nontoxic and light in weight.
  • The design includes a suction cup on each piece.
  • It is comfortable for betta fish to lay on while they’re tired or hungry.
  • The product has wide applications in building nests and spawning for various species of fish.