Important Details

Check In And Check Out Times

Please note that although we are open for Check-In and Check-Out, our normal hours are MONDAY through FRIDAY 7am to 7pm.


If checking in prior to 7am, a 1/2 day will be assessed and must be arranged.

Late Check-Out:

  • An assessment of 1/2 day for day-boarding after 7:10pm.
  • An assessment of 1/2 day for STAYCARE boarding after 7pm.


All pets must be current on vaccinations; including Rabies, DHLPPC, Canine Influenza, Bordetella (kennel cough), as well as a current intestinal parasite check. Pets must be free of fleas and ticks to enter our facility. Pets with external parasites will require immediate pickup. While we prefer for all dogs to be spayed or neutered we will accept unaltered pets. There is a special handling fee of $5.00 per day for unaltered pets.

Pet owners, leave everything up to us! We have beds and blankets. Just drop your pets off for a day or extended daycare experience!

All dogs must be current of all vaccinations and be on a flea preventative.

  • Pet needs rabies, Bordetella, (DA2PP) Distemper; fecal within a year and be on a flea and tick preventative.
  • Canine influenza required but owners will be given a 30-day waiver. Must have the next time they board.
  • Bordetella must have at least been administered 7 days prior to boarding

Temperament Testing

Pet(s) must have recently (within six months) been previously boarded at another facility and can be verified. Info from other facility will determine if we will proceed with temperament test; if successful we will continue with the test.

Our process is by appointment only. This will allow us to assess what pack of friends your dog would best play with. The testing assess whether our daycare is a suitable environment for your dog. We test for:

  • Food, Kennel, and dog aggression
  • Socialization.

The charge will be $30.00 per dog. Temperament testing will be performed from 9am to 5pm. Be prepared to leave your pet with us for at least half the day.

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